The Far Out Mix + The Fancy Mix

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Far Out and Fancy - The Musical

Far Out and Fancy started as a clothing company, but we make clothes for music festivals. 

What is a clothing company that represents music without music to back it up?

We wanted a way to show that there is an extension of the clothes that represent what got us here in the first place: DJ mixes that are Far Out, and DJ mixes that are Fancy.

Far Out and Fancy on Soundcloud

Enter the Far Out mix, and the Fancy mix.

From the Far Out mix you can expect very spacial and bass themed mixes with everything ranging from experimental dubstep, wonky halftime, and even some techno! Nothing is off limits with this mix and it only gets as weird as you are 🖖

On the Fancy side of the mixtape, we have something for the Friday night pre-game, the mix for brunch, and any mix to chill you out or get you through an intense fitness, study, or work sesh. From the Fancy mix series, expect chilled out house tunes, groovy and jackin' beats, and maybe even some liquid drum & bass!

Both the Far Out mix alternate every two weeks, so one week that you hear a Far Out mix, you will hear a Fancy mix 2 weeks after that. Nothing is off limits and we have been carefully curating this mix series to keep it fresh + unique, but also within the Far Out or Fancy repertoire, respectfully. 

All episodes of the Far Out and Fancy mix series

So far we have put out 7 episodes total of the Far Out and Fancy 2-part mix series, with 4 episodes of the Far Out mix, and 3 episodes of the Fancy mixes; respectfully. All mixes are also uninterrupted 60-minute continuous DJ mixes.

No introductions. No talking or announcing tracks. Just 100% music.

You can listen and enjoy the Far Out and Fancy mix series by clicking here!

DJs we have featured so far: Jett Dubstep, Metapattern, Haymes Tarmino, False Peaks, Jer., Vivid, and Chris W. Lao.

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