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A little Far Out, and a little Fancy.

That’s the new EDM apparel and lifestyle company that is pushing the next wave of custom designed festival decor, home apparel, and skateboards.

“I’ve been going to music festivals since Starscape in 2009, and over the past 10 years I see the same generic designs from the same name brands everyone is ordering from. Since my background is in printing and manufacturing, I felt I had the tools to bring a unique set of gear to life for the EDM Lover"

That’s the “fancy” side of the operation, Sam Wolfe, founder and co-owner of Far Out and Fancy.

Sam quickly rolled out as a space to sell festival attire and accessories with vetted designs made by his friends. The main focus of the designs were to create something viral so that people would want to share them and therefore, accelerate the business. So far it’s been working out pretty well for them. 

The website is laid out in a way that shows customers that Far Out and Fancy sells more than just T-shirts. You can also find stuff that you might wear to the party and the afterparty. 

“When I officially hopped on board with Far Out and Fancy in March, I realized that people don’t want to just wear cool shirts to a party anymore. Electronic music has become so integrated in our society that people want those designs to be an extension of the party. That vibe created during an unforgettable house set can also be translated when you’re at home watching Netflix.”

Those words come from the “far-out” side of the operation, Seth Hoover, co-owner and operations manager of Far Out and Fancy.

Currently, the website has started to make a shift in their design from viral memes to customized designs that are in the theme of experimental bass music, progressive house, and disco. With a product count of over one-hundred unique products spread across over ten collections, Far Out and Fancy is really trying to showcase items that everyone can enjoy. Their top selling products currently include Winnie-The-Pooh dressed as a raver on a shirt, a pineapple pizza with an Illuminati eye on a skateboard, and a disco ball in outer space on matching his and her wallets. 

In March of 2019, Far Out and Fancy went through a massive rebrand and have pushed themselves to be the next staple of EDM designs, looking to come at brands like Into The AM, iEDM, and Electro Threads as a serious competitor. Their first pop-up event was at a local Drum and Bass festival called Torch BBQ. 

Far Out and Fancy Merch Set Up.jpg

With a brand name like Far Out and Fancy, they wanted to incorporate a little bit of both into their official launch party. Seth Hoover had this to say about the planning that went into the event:

“I was thinking, ‘How could I make an incredible brand launch party that gets people’s attention and isn’t just another fashion show in a sweaty nightclub.’ I want our launch party to be the kind of party that customers would be wearing our merchandise at. I want it to be Far Out, and I want it to be Fancy.

I have commissioned over fifteen DJs and two crews for a silent disco party in the middle of the woods, right inside East Atlanta under a full moon on July 12th. The goal here is to establish a local presence so that people know we are not just another faceless and robotic EDM brand. Aside from that, we are both DJs so it only made sense for our brands’ launch party to be something like this. We love Atlanta and we love the local music scene even more and this is the only way to officially launch the brand that makes sense” 

After the silent disco, Sam and Seth have big plans for the brand including appearances at festivals throughout the southeast and expanding their product line. They also plan on continuing their local brand events to incorporate EDM themed designs with unique events that offer a different kind of experience and interaction.

“Gone are the days when patrons of music events are fine with going to a club with VIP, bottle service, and long lines. We want our music events to be an extension of our brand.”