Sea The Spirit



My name is Courtnie May and I'm your everyday local artist that's trying to find meaning in my existence and trying to bring my love of people and art together.

I started making art at a young age but never really sunk my teeth into as I currently have been. I felt as if I was searching for the answers to life's questions, and in return I truly found myself and finally sought out a new improved version of myself and for the first time. I feel as if I am living and understanding how to convey things you simply can't without art. My ever expanding awareness of everything around me inspired the creation of my brand Sea The Spirit. It is my own way of representing how my third eye perceives reality.

What I truly see meshed with what my subconscious self experiences through my eyes. I felt as if I finally have come to realize how to portray what I've seen for years and I wish for everyone to see my odd perspective and feel what I see. Because what lies underneath the reality is actually more mesmerizing than anything we could create to represent it. It inspired me to strive for greatness and to push myself to help inspire other people to create and to feel with their entire being. It brings a joy to my life that everyone inspires everyone.

I hope that one day my art will transcend and help other people find the same light I have found. We're all drifting in the same ocean of consciousness together.